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Polaris – Side-by-sides and ATV (Quad Bikes)


What do you get when you cross a Polaris Sportsman with a Polaris RZR? An Ace. And not the mealie meal type either. This is cutting edge technology and we loved every second of the new machine…

With the Amid show looming, we fully expected to be introduced to some new stuff in the motorcycle world. We had no clue that we would get to ride this one. The chaps from Polaris SA invited us to come and have a look at something quite special – and they were correct. We vaguely remember seeing something about the Ace a while ago – probably in concept form, but we were not entirely sure whether it had been built or what was happening really. When they rolled this one off the trailer we were pleasantly surprised – we love innovation and new technology.


Kubota Tractors go Waterless

Kubota Tractors South Africa have signed an agreement with Evans Cooling Systems (Africa) that creates the opportunity for new Kubota Tractors to be factory filled with Evans Waterless Engine Coolants and permits distribution of the coolants to Kubota’s network of dealers across Southern Africa.

Evans Waterless Coolants are revolutionary engine cooling fluids formulated to prevent cooling system failure. Common problems such as overheating, corrosion, electrolysis, liner pitting, high pressure, and much more can be resolved by replacing the engines antifreeze with Evans. Evans unique waterless blend safely operates beyond the limitations of water under the most arduous conditions.

nucleate boiling
nucleate boiling

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Cornering the Utility Market

Cornering the Utility Market – Smith Power Equipment claims to offer the most comprehensive range of utility vehicles. GCM looks at the history of this company and the reason why it has become a major player in the industry.

Smith Power Equipment, perhaps best known as the importer and supplier of the premium Toro brand, is a division of Smith Mining Equipment, where the team has earned an enviable reputation in the golf industry and other industries. Besides offering a number of marquee brands, the company prides itself on offering unbeatable service.

Smith Power Warehouse
Smith Power Warehouse

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Dirt & Trail RZR XP 1000 Review

Razor Sharp

Two Months or so back, we Brought you a scoop feature on the New Polaris RZR 1000. At the time they were being uncrated and shipped to dealers and race teams for the 2014 season. Naturally we have been itching to drive one and it’s taken a while. Katay Racing has fitted plenty of Genuine Polaris accessories to this one; they let us take it for a spin…

RZR 1000

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The Polaris 850 Scrambler


Looking back on the year 2013 – we only got to ride one brand new ATV – and what a quad that was. The New Polaris 850XP is simply put – amazing. Our pick for new machine of the Year…

Why is it so good?

Well that’s easy. Sheer excitement from the moment that you hit the throttle…absolutely brilliant! But wait, there’s more – handling is faultless with the standard Fox suspension delivering one of the plushest rides on the planet. That simple.

Check out out youtube video of the scrambler 850.

But naturally, there is more to it than just that. The Polaris 850 is packed with all kinds of technology that we love… Be warned: The scrambler is a big monster 4×4. Beginners may feel overwhelmed by its size; however, the cockpit will accommodate most any rider comfortably. Its slim midsection aids in comfort and control adding to the sporty feel of the scrambler.

Deciding whether the new styling appeals to you or not is a matter of personal taste. We have grown to really like it.


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