Linhai 300 2x4 #1

The New Linhai Rustler 300 2×4

The linhai range of quads is one of SA’s best selling rands. It is easy to nderstand why – they might be fairly basic, but they have proved to be reliable, reasonably priced and they have good parts and service backup. The 300cc 2×4 is their latest offering. Sean took a short ride and shares his thoughts…

What started out as a well priced entry level ATV many, many years ago with a 260cc 4 stroke engine and somewhat plain looks has become the stalwart of the market, particularly in the agriculture and entry level leisure sector. It is known for its “Kannie Dood Nie!” reliability, easy cheap maintenance and sensible fuel consumption. The earlier models were okay as far as suspension and comfort were concerned, but the new model we rode recently is significantly, much better.

Ergonomically, my 2 metre, 115kg chassis fits on it really nicely and my butt didn’t even get sore on the wide comfy seat after a good couple of hours in the saddle. I must admit that I wasn’t really that enthusiastic about doing the test, figuring I might be a bit bored on it considering that my usual quad is a somewhat highly modified, fire breathing Yamaha Raptor 700 that tries to kill me every time I ride it. However, swinging my leg over the saddle I was quite intrigued and eventually reasonably happy to spend hours in the saddle.

I found it plenty fast enough over the terrain we were riding and powerful enough, especially in low range, to climb up most steep hills – and dig its way out of fairly thick mud, even though it is only a 2×4. I think my age is starting to show, because I especially enjoyed the smooth,

predictable power delivery, automatic gearbox with the easily reachable shift stick and plush suspension. The handle bars are nice and wide at the perfect height so that your shoulders don’t
get tired with almost everything exactly where you would expect to find it.

Why ‘almost’ I hear you ask? Well, the one thing that did take a bit of getting used to is big empty space on the right hand handle bar where the front brake lever should be, I grabbed at … ‘nothing’ more than a couple of times in butt tensioning situations which resulted in a couple of very loud expletitives, making the boss’s young lads virgin ears burn.

It did take me a few minutes to remember the lever on the left bar and the foot brake. Riding at speed down good gravel roads is great fun, but as with any ATV, charging down twee spoor paths laid down by the local farm bakkies does require a bit more concentration as the wheel track is about 40% narrower on an ATV, but the suspension on the Linhai 300cc Rustler is really good enough to ride with one wheel on the middelmannetjie and the other on the outside of the track, you just have to watch out for lurkers, (where the extra concentration is needed at speed).

The styling on the new Rustler is great, aggressive modern looking headlights, muscular body kit, foot wells and bumper, chunky solid black wheels and tyres and very neat and sturdy carry racks front and back, the tow hitch mount is always a welcome feature on any utility quad.

At the time of going to print the importers were not able to furnish us with a suggested retail price as they had just landed in the country and they were still working out Lockdown exchange rates vs. landed costs and etc, but we imagine that they would still be great value for money. Hit to find out more about pricing and availability.


Here are some of the important technical spec’s on the all new Linhai Rustler 300c 2×4:
• 275 cc Engine
• Liquid cooled
• 4 stroke
• Single cylinder
• Carburettor
• Electric start
• 2×4 Wheel Drive
• Hydraulic disc brakes all around with all-wheel hydraulic lock parking brake
• Fuel Tank 14 litres
• Ground Clearance 170 mm
• Front wheels – 24 x 8-12
• Rear wheels – 24 x 11-10
• CVT/Automatic High Range/Low Range/Neutral/Reverse
• 2096 mm (L) x 1170 mm (W) x 1170 mm (H)

Load capacities are as follows:
• Rear Rack – 36kg,
• Front rack – 14kg,
• Tow capacity – 100kg

This article was featured by Dirt and Trail – July 2020.

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