Fruitways M7040 Narrow Tractors New Fleet

Fruitways; going orange one tractor at a time

Fruitways; a specialist producer and marketer of fruits such as apples and pears and are based in the popular farming region of the Western Cape. Although Fruitways is a relatively new company, it was born from many years of successful business and is a collaboration primarily between the Moodie Family and the Molteno Brothers Charitable Trust. Fruitways have become leaders in adopting advanced technologies and techniques in not only production but packaging and storage as well.

Fruitways M7040 Narrow Tractors Fleet
Fruitways M7040 Narrow Tractors Fleet

And what better way to make advancements in the production of some of South Africa’s widely consumed fruits than to add seven new Kubota M7040 Narrow tractors to their already existing fleet of almost forty Kubota units.

The decision to purchase the new Kubota M7040 Narrow Tractors was made by Hannes Halgryn (Director at Fruitways) and his team, not only because of his experience with the Kubota Tractors but also because of the Kubota M7040 Narrows hydraulic multi-plate wet disc clutch. The hydraulic multi-plate wet disc clutch reduces wear and tear on the tractor and thus reduces maintenance costs as well as downtime on the farms when time matters most.

The Kubota M7040 Narrow tractor has also proven to be ideal and cost-effective amongst various orchards as it also features Kubota’s exclusive Bi-Speed Turn which rotates the wheels at almost double the rate of speed of the rear wheels whenever the front wheels exceed turning angles of approximately 30 degrees. This results in a tighter and smoother turn allowing for the operator to turn into adjacent crop rows on the first attempt also resulting in a reduction in fuel costs and time as well as the reduction in surface damage.

Fruitways M7040 Narrow Tractors
Fruitways M7040 Narrow Tractors

Furthermore, the Kubota M7040 Narrows are also equipped with a steering mounted hydraulic shuttle shift which makes forward and reverses manoeuvres quick and smooth. The improved inching feature also gives the same feel as a half-clutch operation which makes for easier attachment of implements such as sprayers which is a vital operation for Fruitways.

The adaptability and power of Kubota has proven to be the ideal choice for any orchardist and fruit farmer looking to take their farming to new levels.

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