Jongen Gesselen - B1820

Krone Méthode Cap Classique adds orange to their Vineyard

Tulbagh, a town named after the Dutch Cape Colony Governor Ryk Tulbagh, is located in the Tulbagh mountain basin in the Winelands of the Western Cape. The town is known for its wine farms as well as its large farming community, and is home to Twee Jonge Gezellen Farm; producers of the well-known Krone Méthode Cap Classique.

Jogen Gesselen M8540 Narrow
Jogen Gesselen M8540 Narrow

The 300 year old farm was recently restored to reflect its heritage and contemporary renaissance in 2017. With that came the purchase of two Kubota M8540 Narrow tractors as well as a Kubota B1820 with a cutting deck.

According to Juan van der Riet, the Farm Manager of Twee Jonge Gezellen, the purchase of the new tractors was based on two factors, the durability of Kubota Tractors and the exceptional service received from their local Kubota dealer – Fabricius Meganiese Dienste.

With features that have been engineered specifically for vineyards and orchards, it is no wonder why the Kubota M8540 Narrow was an obvious choice for this 530 hectare farm to assist during harvest as well as planting seasons.

The Kubota M8540 Narrow has an overall width of just 1520mm which helps farmers harvest their crop with less damage to trees and vines. Additionally the ROPS have been placed in the middle of the tractor providing additional clearance.

Further to this a Kubota M8540 Narrow also has Bi-Speed Turning, an exclusive feature to Kubota tractors.  The result is a smoother, tighter turn, allowing you to turn into an adjacent crop row on your first attempt as well as significant cost savings on fuel.

And who could forget the additional purchase of the compact and versatile Kubota B1820. The unit was purchased with a cutting deck, perfect for the maintenance of the farms grounds. But thanks to being compact the B1820 moves smoothly and effortlessly through vineyards, orchards and other tight work spaces.

The versatility of Kubota speaks for itself. The compact and narrow tractors are designed to perform well in any Vineyard.

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