Kubota L45 loved by a dog

Belhambra Dairy adds a new L45 to their farm

Geelhout Boom is a small town near George in the Western Cape on the coastal stretch of the Garden Route. The town is most commonly known for its golf courses but also its farming community and is home to the Belhambra dairy farm.

Gregg Powell's new Kubota L45
Gregg Powell’s new Kubota L45

The farmlands are approximately 200 years old but was bought by Greg Powell – a civil engineer in 2001. The farm was developed from farming hops to a now fully-fledged dairy, producing approximately 200 000 litres of milk monthly.

The Belhambra dairy farm recently purchased a new Kubota L45 TLB and according to Greg Powell, the purchase was based on the reliability and cost-effectiveness of their previous Kubota L39 TLB. The Kubota L39 TLB was used on the 136-hectare farm to transport feed for livestock as well, bush clearing, irrigation. Having also received exceptional service from their local Kubota dealer – Carlu Trekkers, the decision to buy the new Kubota L45 TLB was an easy one.

Kubota L45 loved by a dog

Loaded with a robust Kubota engine and high performing HST Plus Transmission the Kubota L45 TLB will be the perfect tool to help with trenching as well as the transportation of feed on the Belhambra Dairy farm. Adding onto the versatility of the Kubota L45 TLB; the 33.6 kW diesel engine allows for greater power as well as dependability, ensuring that it will start quickly in cold weather as well as sustain a high torque rise in the winter months to come.

Further to this; the Kubota L45 TLB also has a heavy-duty backhoe with crawling mode as well as a 3 m digging depth. Let’s not forget the performance-matched front loader with 1,600 kg of breakout force, 1000 kg of lift capacity and 2.8 m lift height enabling this TLB to have the strength and reach for most projects.

The versatility and strength of Kubota speaks for itself. The compact yet strong Kubota L45 TLB has been engineered to tackle almost any task it is faced with.

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