Etienne Coetzee (golf Data) Mike Shaba (Operator) and Neale Vroom

Kyalami Country Club takes delivery of its first Toro mower

As part of its replacement programme, Kyalami Country Club has taken delivery of a new Toro Reelmaster 3575-D mower from Smith Power Equipment, the first Toro machine to cut its way at this Top-30 golf course in South Africa.

When seeking to replace its existing fairway mower, Kyalami Country Club decided to go the Toro route for the first time.

Golf Data, who maintain the course at Kyalami Country Club, work with various makes of golf course equipment at other courses and based on their knowledge of equipment, they recommended we consider all brands that are available on the market before deciding on which one to purchase,” explains Neale Vroom – Kyalami Greens Committee Convener. “After in-depth investigations, the club decided to try out the Toro brand, which came highly recommended from various quarters.”

Etienne Coetzee (golf Data) Mike Shaba (Operator) and Neale Vroom
Etienne Coetzee (golf Data) Mike Shaba (Operator) and Neale Vroom

On February 19, the club took delivery of its three-wheel Toro Reelmaster 3575-D mower, one of the two models recently introduced to the South African market by Smith Power Equipment.

Stephen Mangold – Toro National Sales Manager at Smith Power Equipment, says the Reelmaster 3575-D was deemed fit for the conditions at Kyalami because of its 7-inch cutting reels. Kyalami has Kikuyu grassed fairways, which will be best cut by the 17,8 cm reels of the Reelmaster 3575-D.

Mower in detail

Mangold says the stand-out feature of the three-wheel design of the Toro Reelmaster 3575-D is its manoeuvrability compared with the traditional four-wheel fairway mowers. “The highly manoeuvrable three-wheel design maximises productivity during end-of-row turn around. Smooth, turf-friendly tyres significantly decrease potential for turf tear, particularly in tight turns,” says Mangold.

The Series/Parallel three-wheel drive system provides power to at least two wheels at all times. The result is impressive hill climbing and hillside stability, even in tough underfoot conditions, such as wet conditions.

Delivering a 2,5 m width of cut, the Toro Reelmaster 3575-D comes with a range of innovative features aimed at increasing a golf course’s overall performance and reduce maintenance while providing an outstanding quality of cut to fairways.

Perhaps one of the most critical components of the new mowers is Toro’s new EdgeSeries reels. They feature updated blade materials for a longer reel life, with improved wear-resistant properties that hold an edge longer. Extensive field testing of EdgeSeries reels to date has demonstrated that they typically last 30 to 50% longer, which helps reduce both maintenance and replacement costs.

Kyalami Golf Course with new Toro Reelmaster 3575
Kyalami Golf Course with new Toro Reelmaster 3575

The forward-swept reel design has an improved helix and blade angle, offering a precise cut across the full width of cut, resulting in an improved after-cut appearance. Better edge retention means there is less grinding, less backlapping and less maintenance involved for the overall cutting system. Less maintenance also means lower labour costs – and the many improvements to the cutting systems, taken together, represent significant improvement to the overall cost of ownership for the Reelmaster mowers.

Contact Stephan Mangold on email: or 082 882 6935 or 011 284 2000.

More information about this unit can be found on the Smith Turf website. – you can also call Smith Turf on 011 284 2000.