Baoli KBET18 with Vivan Gravett

Baoli electric forklift for Pie City

To unload delivery trucks at its warehouse, Pie City recently purchased a Baoli electric forklift from Smith Power Equipment. The unit is a perfect fit for the food industry due to its electric motor, which produces no fumes. 

Baoli KBET18
Baoli KBET18 – 1.8T Electric  Forklift

Pie City stores specialise in the manufacturing and retailing of a variety of pies, pizzas and fruit juices. Electric has become the most preferred power source in the food industry as companies seek for a solution with no fumes to avoid contamination of food items.

As a result, when looking for a fitting solution to unload delivery trucks, Pie City opted for a Baoli KBET 1,8 t electric forklift. The unit – delivered on 21 January this year – has performed beyond expectations thus far. “We needed an electric forklift and the Baoli was the right fit for both our budget and operational needs,” says Neron Budhoo, procurement manager at Pie City.

Electric forklifts have become the standard in food producing facilities to avoid contaminating product with fumes. Electric forklifts do not release emissions, making them the favourite for most food-handling operations,” says Vivian Gravett, salesperson at Smith Power Equipment.

Gravett says another key influencer in Pie City’s decision to buy the Baoli forklift was the quality and price of the offering. The Baoli forklift is ideally suited for operations that seek a robust offering, with less “bells and whistles”, coming at a very cost-effective price.

The three-wheel electric truck comes with a 48 V power supply, guaranteeing productivity and economy of use together with robustness and reliability. The machine is equipped with automatic electric braking, which comes into effect whenever the accelerator is released, thanks to which part of the braking energy is recovered and returned to the battery in the form of electrical energy.

Leading edge electric components have been used in the development of the range. The traction and lifting motors are manufactured by Italian company, SME, a renowned global manufacturer of high-quality motors. The electric controller – the “heart” of the lift truck – has also been manufactured by SME. This accurately controls every lift truck function and provides the high performance the series is renowned for.

All the KBE lift trucks come standard with a curve speed reduction system and the main driving functions can be parameterised. The driver can directly choose between the various performance levels via the display, for example, selecting a reduced performance profile for more delicate handling and more aggressive profile for yard handling,” explains Gravett.

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