New Linhai Electric Range from Smith Power Equipment

Smith Power Equipment has introduced a three-model range comprising of an electric quad bike and two side-by-sides from its principal, Linhai. With no diesel nor fumes, it is ideally suited for noise- and environmentally-sensitive areas.

Rustler eATV
Rustler eATV

Latest from Smith Power Equipment (SPE) is a range of electric utility vehicles from Linhai. The range includes the Linhai Rustler e-ATV 2×4 quad bike and two side-by-sides, the Linhai T-Boss e-UTV 2×4 and the Linhai T-Boss e-UTVX 2×4.

Mark Chittenden, GM for Linhai at SPE, explains that the electric range is suited for sensitive areas where noise and fumes often associated with traditional combustion engine units are not feasible. These include office parks, eco lifestyle estates, adventure parks, event management, equestrians, dairy farms, hunting and anti-poaching, among others.

T-Boss Electric eUTV
T-Boss Electric eUTV

Officially introduced in October 2019, the range has already attracted interest from several customers, especially those seeking greener alternatives. “We are on an education drive, informing the market about the benefits of electric quads and side-by-sides,” says Chittenden.

The Rustler e-ATV is a single person quad bike, while the T-Boss e-UTV side-by-side can carry two people with a 150 kg cargo box at the back. The T-Boss e-UTVXis a four-person carrier, with two foldable rear seats that can be flipped for carrying cargo. As far as the standard equipment is concerned, the Linhai e-UTV and e-UTVXfeatures a full-frontal plexus, plastic roof, massive front frame, side door, LED lights and head restraints.All units have an independent rear suspension, and have a top speed of 40 km/h.

The ATV comes with a 4 kW electric motor, while both side-by-sides are powered by a 5kW motor. The batteries have a run time of upto 40km on a full charge, which takes 7-8 hours.

T-Boss Electric eUTV
T-Boss Electric eUTV

The electric motors translate into less maintenance and running costs. “A major benefit for the consumer is the lower operating costs: the units don’t need fuel which on its own this could lead to substantial savings, furthermore they don’t need servicing, meaning a further reduction in associated costs and downtime,” explains Chittenden.

Smith Power Equipment has been the sole importer and distributor of Linhai ATVs and UTVs in South Africa since 2002. Armed with a determined sales force, direct marketing and comprehensive aftersales support, SPE has grown Linhai to be a leading brand within the South African market place.

Leveraging Smith Power’s dealer network that covers all areas across South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries, including Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique, Linhai owners are assured of unparalleled backup support and full commitment to the brand.

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