Cutting weed control costs with SPE-supplied MANKAR ULV sprayers

At a time when farmers are battling input cost volatility that is largely outside of their control, the MANKAR ULV spraying systems are designed for economical weed control with minimum herbicide consumption – offering up to 80% herbicide savings.    

It is no secret that the farming industry is under significant pressure. In the short term, incessant droughts are squeezing cash flow, while a struggling economy is not doing farmers any favours. Added to that, weeds can have a devastating effect on the potential yield of crops. In fact, weeds are the farmer’s biggest enemy and are the single biggest threat to potential crop yield.

To help farmers get the better of this potential menace, Smith Power Equipment offers a range of MANKAR spraying systems. Available for the local market are two model ranges – the MANKAR HQ 45 and the Mantis Variant Two-S 40 Flex – with more ranges on the way.  A key talking point of these chemical spraying systems is the cost savings.

Explaining the technology at this year’s Nampo Harvest Days, Frank Verder, International Sales Manager at MANKAR, said the MANKAR spraying systems are based on ultra-low volume (ULV) technology for optimum distribution of an extremely small amount of active product with an even droplet size. “This means the amount of herbicide required can be considerably reduced, for example, by up to 50% on cultivated areas and by up to 80% when using weed sensors on areas with patchy weeds,” said Verder.


The MANKAR-HQ range is the ultimate “all-rounder” for all applications – from flower beds and paths, right through to large-scale row cultivation, grasslands and industrial areas – and these models are particularly popular as an entry model for anyone wanting an introduction to ULV technology before switching to larger MANKAR-Roll and MANKAR-Drive spray systems for pushing or for attaching to/mounting on tractors.


The MANKAR-HQ is a major upgrade of its predecessor, the Mini-Mantra. Apart from the new design, the HQ also comes with additional advantages such as an electronic atomiser and battery monitoring. All components are integrated into the housing and well-protected. The units are extremely lightweight and well balanced. A carrying strap provides additional relief to the arms and back.


Like any other MANKAR ULV sprayer, a major talking point is the ability to apply low quantities of herbicide in a cost-effective and efficient manner without any need for water. “The basis of the technology is the patented rotation nozzle which allows for precise distribution of undiluted herbicide. The spreading of herbicide without pressure and with no water added enhances the machine’s cost-effectiveness and ecological compatibility,” says Verder. “The technology has been made to work with any herbicide, but undiluted. The unique point is that you can cover large areas with so little undiluted chemical.”

For example, the MANKAR-HQ range comes with a 1-litre tank. A litre of herbicide can cover a large area of up to hectare. “With a litre of active ingredient, one can cover a 20-km distance in flower bed path applications, for example,” says Verder. “The application is precise, with micro droplets formed on the disc that rotates at 6 000 rpm.”

Mantis Varimant

All Varimant-TWO-S and ONE-S models are equipped with the company’s innovative Flex spray hoods. Herbicide tanks and other components are enclosed in a metal housing for better protection and all models have an electronic atomiser monitoring system, which indicates via a coloured LED whether the unit is functioning correctly (green) or whether there is a malfunction (red).

Mantis Varimant Two-S 40 Flex

The new Varimant models have one or two side arms to which the spray hoods are fixed and are ideal for use in large-scale row cultivation, for example, vineyards or tree nurseries, for spraying herbicides along the rows. They are available with a 3-point hitch category 1, 2 or 3. The operating width can be easily adjusted mechanically in standard units. Larger extension widths, as well as hydraulic or electrical width adjustment, are available upon request.

Mantis Varimant Two-S 40 Flex

“Based on the same technology as the MANKAR-HQ range, the Mantis Varimant range is tractor mounted. Of note is that the biggest capacity chemical tank is only 6 litres. As a result, one doesn’t necessarily need a big tractor to use this technology, which significantly reduces fuel consumption,” says Verder.

In conclusion, Verder says the return on investment on these technologies for a professional user is just within a year. “With this technology, farmers can save between 50 and 80% on chemicals, which is quite a big deal. They can also save on time, with no need to continuously refill the tank,” concludes Verder.

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