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Smith Power builds a total materials handling solution

Following the acquisition of exclusive importation and distribution rights for AUSA and Baoli, Smith Power Equipment has become a go-to supplier of all things materials handling.

Baoli KBD35+ 3.5T Diesel Forklift
Baoli KBD35+ 3.5T Diesel Forklift

Baoli KBE 25 Lowered Mast with a wide range of products and services under one roof, Smith Power Equipment has over the years redefined the one-stop shop model when it comes to the provision of application-specific equipment solutions specially adapted to suit an array of applications in an array of industries. One industry that has benefitted from this approach is the materials handling sector.

In recent years Smith Power Equipment positioned itself as a solution for the materials handling sector following distributorship agreements with AUSA, a leading Spanish OEM renowned for its extensive range of rough terrain forklifts and all-terrain telescopic handlers, and Baoli, a leading global manufacturer of materials handling equipment. The brands, complementary in their very nature, offer a wide range of capabilities for materials handling customers.

Ausa C250H with Bucket
Ausa C250H with Bucket

Tom Bloom, Director at Smith Power Equipment, reasons that being a total solutions provider is very important for the company. “The model gives us the ability to support a customer in more ways than one. It’s our strategy when it comes to being able to help a customer will all their equipment needs from a single provider,” he says.

Bloom reiterates that Smith Power’s product selection is carefully considered, bringing in complementary ranges that set the company on a one-stop shop path. “Our brands are complementary in a way. For example, the product offering caters for both premium and value segments of different markets. The two ranges also cater for the light and heavy ends of the market, while they also address the diesel/electric/LPG gas options for the customer,” he says.


The exclusive distribution agreement with AUSA was signed in September 2017. A leading line of this range is AUSA’s rough terrain forklifts which give the company the much needed traction into challenging applications. “AUSA forklifts are versatile machines capable of handling heavy loads on rough and sloping terrain. This makes them suitable for construction, mining, agriculture and industrial applications,” explains Bloom, adding that the wide line of off-road and semi-industrial models ranges from 2,5 tonne (t) to 3,5t.

Ausa Rough Terrain Forklift
Ausa Rough Terrain Forklift

We have a specific focus on three models. These are the D150, an entry level model with a 1,5 t load capacity, as well as the D250 (2,5 t) and the D350 (3,5 t),” adds Bloom.

AUSA is also a leading name in the global dumper market and offers the most varied range in this market segment. Bloom maintains that compact wheel dumpers are replacing smaller trucks on many construction sites. Due to their compact size, they are now the preferred solution to transport material in particularly difficult terrain and where space is at a premium.

The model range includes a rigid chassis dumper with a 1 500 kg payload, as well as the articulated dumpers from 2 500 to 3 500 kg. “There are 4WD, 2WD, mechanical, hydrostatic and torque converter transmissions available in combination with front loading and swivel unloading hoppers. We also have available options for self-loading shovel, backhoe and sweeper,” explains Bloom.

AUSA also offers one of the widest line of compact all-terrain telehandlers, with capacities from 1,5 to 2 t. “The range has two models that are highly compact, designed to work in open spaces under very extreme conditions, as well as narrow semi-enclosed spaces with difficult access. The versatility of the telescopic arm allows positioning at height, but also to the front, which makes the range ideal for handling materials on site,” says Bloom.


Through the agreement with Baoli, which came into effect in late 2018, Smith Power complemented its existing materials handling offering with the addition of diesel, electric and LPG gas forklifts, as well as stackers and pallet trucks.

Baoli-KBD35+-3.5T-Diesel Forklift-Pic2
Baoli-KBD35+-3.5T-Diesel Forklift-Pic2

The diesel range comprises the KBD25 2.5T, KBD25+ 2.5T and the KBD35+ 3.5T. “The KBD+ series lift trucks are designed to provide high productivity and excellent performance. They are available in the diesel versions with 2 500 -3 500 kg load capacities and a powerful Xinchang engine,” says Bloom.

In the electric range is the KBE25 2.5T. The four-wheel electric lift trucks of the KBE series with 48 V power supply guarantee greater productivity and economy. Available with load capacities of 2 500 kg, the range provides excellent handling and is equipped with automatic electric braking when the accelerator is released, thanks to the braking energy which is recovered and returned to the battery in the form of electrical energy.

Baoli KBE 25 Lowered Mast
Baoli KBE 25 Lowered Mast

The LPG range comprises of the KBG25+ 2.5T and the KBG35+ 3.5T, with load capacities of 2 500 kg and 3 500 kg, respectively. The KBG25+ has a turning radius of 2 170 mm, while the larger KBG35+ offers a turning radius of 2 540 mm, allowing the machines to work well in space constrained jobsites.

The pallet truck range comprises the EP12WS 1.2 T lithium-ion power pallet, the EP15-N01 1.5T electric basic power pallet, and the EP16-N01 1.6T electric standard power pallet. The EP12 is the entry model for the electric pallet trucks designed from the ground up to provide industry-leading tight turning radius for faster, easier pin wheeling, more work cycles and better bottom-line productivity.

With a lift capacity of 1 500 kg, the EP15-N01 pallet truck is Baoli’s solution for all low- and medium-intensity transport situations. It is the ideal solution to speed up transport and shipping operations, even and specifically inside trucks.

The stacker range comprises the ES10-N01 1T and the ES16-N02 1.6T. The Baoli ES10-N01 is a compact electric stacker powered by 2 x 12V 85Ah batteries. It can be used in a large variety of undemanding situations inside warehouses. It has a load capacity of 1 000 kg and is available with lifting heights from 1 600 mm to 3 500 mm.

Bloom says the wide range of material handling equipment meets different customers’ operational needs, be it from an energy source or operating weight point of view. “Throughout the past decade, the have been a number of changes in the forklift industry and the material handling work environment. With this wide range of materials handling equipment from these two leading brands, we are able to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” concludes Bloom.

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