Linhai 410 4x4

Linhai T-Boss 410 – A Lekker Little Workhorse

T-Boss 410: This is Linhai’s replacement for the venerable Rebel of which hundreds have been sold into the South African market. Experience has taught that Linhai is a pretty decent, well-established brand with a strong presence in SA and excellent parts and service backup. We took one for a trundle.

Linhai T-Boss 410 Backview
Linhai T-Boss 410 Backview

Guys, this unit is sold – please take it easy!” . That was the directive from Smith mining, the importers of this brand. So we did and we used it for its intended purpose with a lil ride from our offices into the surrounding farmlands.

Linhai T-Boss 410 Features:

It is clear to us that Linhai has developed this as an entry-level workhorse. Their experience shows in the way that they have built this side by side. We’ll bullet form all the features it makes for easier reading.

High, Low, Neutral and Reverse
High, Low, Neutral and Reverse
  • Roomy interior. Even for big oafs like our Sean -7 and-a-bit feet tall. Comfy and easy to climb in and out of.
  • Bench seat. 3 occupants – so mom, dad, and lightie can take off to visit the berries.
  • Seatbelts and nets – safety for just in case.
  • Cubby for cell phone and wallet.
  • Easy operation: Forward, reverse, low range, high range, diff lock –all switch actuated and automatic.
  • Roomy load bed rated to carry 150KG’s of load.
  • Big wheels with beefy tyres for traversing rough farm roads or dongas.
  • 352cc fuel injected engine geared more towards torque than speed. Your farmhand won’t be doing wheelies and donuts.
  • Independent suspension all round.
  • Disc brakes all round.
  • The roof is standard so you won’t get sunburnt on your pip.
LED Lights
LED Lights

Ride/drive impressions.

Our shortish ride took us through the mielie fields out to visit our neighbour’s cows. We played around at the river crossing – and then spent a bit of time at the big donga near our spot. This is a versatile little machine with decent torque, good ground clearance, and a smooth ride. We tested the torque climbing up a steep hill near our spot when you actuate the 4WD system – the engine is willing and delivers sufficient torque for day to day use.

Digital Display
Digital Display

As a leisure vehicle – take your time and enjoy the scenery – we saw a maximum speed of 50KPH with one passenger and a bit of a downhill but 40KPH was a more comfy cruising speed, so the nature of this one is a comfortable little workhorse.

Tipable Load Bed
Tipable Load Bed


R 109 995. Guys in today’s language that is exceptionally affordable. Less than the price of most modern dirtbikes – and on a par with a very well used farm bakkie. The advantage is that it is smaller than a Toyota Hilux and with its big wheels it makes mincemeat of shortcuts through the veld.

This article was featured in Dirt and Trail – March 2019.

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