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Is this the new king of UTV’s? – The new Polaris RZR XP Turbo S

Polaris keeps coming up with some truly interesting and exceptional machines and to be quite fair we sometimes can’t even keep up with all of the models and descriptions.

The latest and most extreme in performance from this innovative brand is the RZR XP Turbo S. It’s a two-seat platform that looks like a redux of the classic RZR XP rolling chassis from the outside. This is a case of beauty being more than skin-deep.

Beauty starts with stronger bones for the frame. Polaris says “all-new frame,” though existing bodywork appears to bolt up. As impressive as the styling changes, new front, and rear fascia, new dash layout, and the standard aluminum roof are, the S is all about the legs!

High and wide

Once you’ve checked out those industry-first ITP Coyote 32-inch tyres and 15-inch wheels, you might notice that those massive meats are not even close to hidden under the body. Instead of the standard 64-inch width, the Turbo S is a full 72 inches wide. Changes to the width and suspension boost the travel 19 inches in the front and 21 inches in the rear.

Polaris includes a 25-inch front and rear “useable travel” number in addition to claimed wheel travel. Useable travel is measured from the skid plate to the bottom of the tyres when the suspension is at full extension. Useable travel includes the actual wheel travel, tyre compression, and chassis and suspension flex.

Polaris is making the point that you still have frame/skid plate clearance when the car is fully bottomed out. That usable travel number and the 16 inches of ground clearance do make a difference. On rocky, root-infested mountain trails, this one offers a very smooth ride.

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Smart too

Suspension goodness doesn’t stop with the numbers. Reinforced arched A-arms, radius rods, and trailing arms join with new, larger Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass Live Valve shocks that are part of Polaris’ Dynamix smart suspension system. The Dynamix Turbo came with 2.5 Fox shocks all around, and the S has those on the front but gets the new 3.0s in the rear.

Dynamix machines combine the onboard GPS inputs from the Polaris Ride Command system with a special computer processing information from an accelerometer and a gyro to adjust the suspension on the fly. We tested the last rendition of this machine and that was quite simply amazing! There are three selectable levels via a rocker switch on the dashboard-comfort, sport, and firm.

Firm is almost a Polaris inside joke. Firm maxes all of the suspension adjustments. In comfort and sport, you have a base setting –sport is roughly 30 percent damping force than comfort-but over 33KPH, the computer senses the attitude of the car. Once you pass 33, the outside shocks stiffen when you turn, the rear shocks stiffen when the throttle is wide open and the front shocks stiffen for 1.5 seconds when you brake.

Any time all the wheels leave the ground, the suspension goes full stiff. The adjustments are perfectly seamless. The car works. You don’t feel the adjustments. Amazing tech this!

RZR XP Turbo S 5

Creature Comforts

A refined cockpit is another feature of the Turbo S. It has an entirely new dash, and it feels as if the steering column and the new flat-bottom Sparco steering wheel are mounted higher. We think that the seats-the same as current Polaris products but with a new cover-are mounted lower and leaned back a bit. The effect is a comfortable cab where everything is easy to reach.

Other RZR models have come with a retracting seat-belt system, but the Turbo S comes standard with actual competition-type-four-point harnesses. For those not used to them, they are time-consuming to adjust for a new driver or passenger, but the security is very nice.

RZR XP Turbo S 10

We also found that many of the Ride Command features are nice. It is handy to have the GPS screen so easy to use. Ride Command does have music and GoPro control capabilities, but you will need to add speakers for music and an aerial for Radio 702.

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Final Thoughts

There are limited quantities of this RZR in SA at the moment and we cannot wait to test the latest offering. Maraisburg is calling! Don’t tell anyone but-There is also some big news coming on the racing front…watch this space.

Mark Chittenden:

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