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EGO Power Plus passes the test

The battery-powered EGO+ Power mower recently cut beyond expectations when it was subjected to both normal and super thick turf by globally renowned lawn specialist, Allyn Hane, better known as ‘The Lawn Care Nut’.

The innovative EGO Power+ system was introduced in South Africa early this year by specialist equipment supplier, Smith Power Equipment, following the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with EGO in December 2017.

Allyn Hane – the lawn nut

Powered by an industry-leading 56V Arc Lithium battery, the EGO Power+ system delivers petrol-matching power, but without any of the downsides of petrol-powered units. It’s simpler, cleaner and quieter, and with less vibration, making it more comfortable to use. With lower running and maintenance costs, customers are assured of greater savings compared with petrol-powered units.

Allyn Hans - Lawn at home
Allyn Hans – Lawn at home

To validate these attributes, retailer The Home Depot recently asked Allyn Hane to put the EGO+ mower through its paces. There were three main things Hane cared about: the machine’s quality of cut in normal conditions; the quality of cut in thick turf; and how the machine cuts when the battery gets low.

When it comes to the quality of cut in normal conditions, Hane found that the EGO+ “surprisingly cut very well”. “I have used other cordless mowers before but they haven’t been as good as this. It does perform similar to my gas-powered mower – the only difference is that it’s not as propelled,” he says.


One of the appealing features of the mower to Hane was the lightweight nature of the machine. “I thought the light weight of the machine would be a drawback because a lightweight mower tends to hop when you hit bumps and this creates an uneven cut,” he says.

With the EGO+, the battery is pretty lightweight, but it’s actually the heaviest part of the mower and they positioned it at the front end of the machine and that helps keep the front wheels on the ground, which reduces the wheel hops.

Another design innovation of interest was the machine height adjustment feature when cutting. With conventional mowers, wheel height adjustment is a common problem for many – they adjust each wheel separately and often times one of the wheels is higher than the other. “With the EGO+, it is one easy motion – you can raise or lower the height of the entire machine in one go, resulting in good consistency,” he says.

Thick turf and low battery conditions

To test the machine’s capability in thick turf conditions, Hane let the grass grow for 15 days without mowing it. This grass is usually cut every five to seven days, and within 15 days it had grown double its normal height.

The mower cut through the long grass efficiently without bogging down. I mulched without any cramping. The machine passed the biggest test by proving its cutting prowess in overgrown turf. It did a very good job of powering through it – I give it an A+ on this one,” he says.

When it comes to its performance when the battery is low, after 40 minutes of run time, Hane left the battery in the mower for a week. However, when deployed to work with only 10 minutes of battery life left, the machine powered through the lawn without losing any performance. Hane says if a battery-powered mower can get to the end of its battery life without losing performance, then it’s an absolute gem.

If it is going to lose performance, say in the last 10 minutes of battery life, then it’s really a downside. With this mower, the performance is the same from full charge to completely flat. It just completely shuts off when the battery dies,” he says. So, what does that mean? “It means I can get an hour of peak performance with no lagging at the end. It goes all the way and then dies. Bear in mind it only takes 30 minutes to fully charge, which is a plus.”

In conclusion, Hane says the mower revolutionises the gardening equipment industry. It is the single biggest advancement in technology since petrol-powered mowers arrived on the scene over a century ago. “I would say if Tesla had to move into the lawn mower business, this is the sort of machine they would looking at,” concludes Hane.

This article was feature in Tee and Sandwedges – Feb 2019.

This article was featured in the DIY and Industrial Trade News – Feb 2019

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