Hermanus Toro and Kubota Equipment on course

Hermanus keeps standards high with SPE supplied equipment

As part of its routine fleet replacement programme, Hermanus Golf Club has acquired a total of seven machines from Smith Power Equipment, a South African importer and distributor of leading global specialist machinery, turf maintenance equipment and off-road vehicles.

Hermanus Toro and Kubota Equipment
Hermanus Toro and Kubota Equipment

With its unparalleled scenic beauty, modern infrastructure, upmarket shops and endless adventure options, it’s little wonder that Hermanus, a seaside town southeast of Cape Town, has grown in size and popularity during the last decade.

Due to the influx of visitors flocking to the town to enjoy its many charms, the Hermanus Golf Club has always experienced heavy traffic at certain times of the year. Despite this, the club, with its dedicated and professional management, has over many years deservedly gained a reputation for excellent year round standards.

To be able to keep standards high, Hermanus Golf Club places a premium focus on its equipment, with no compromises when it comes to both equipment selection and fleet replacement programmes. According to Malcolm Bromley, Greenkeeper at Hermanus Golf Club, the recent purchase of seven different machines from Smith Power Equipment (SPE), was part of the strict fleet replacement regime at the club. “We run a five-year rolling plan for our golf course maintenance equipment,” says Bromley.

Hermanus Golf Club’s recent purchase from SPE comprises a Kubota L45 TLB; two Toro Flex 2120 walk mowers; one Toro RM 5510 lawn mower; two Toro Workman GTX turf crossover vehicles; and one Toro Sand Pro 2040 Z, a zero-turn infield groomer. “The selection process was purely informed by a strict evaluation process of the equipment that we needed for the work at hand. We found that each piece of equipment was the best in the market suited for the work that needed to be done on the golf course,” says Bromley. “We run a mix of different pieces of equipment from different suppliers, but I believe that one should always buy the best piece of equipment for the job at hand.

The Kubota TLB was specifically purchased to load sand and move some equipment around the golf course, while the two Toro Flex 2120 walk mowers are being deployed to cut the greens. “We are using the Toro RM 5510 lawn mowers to cut the fairways, while the Toro Workman GTX is used by my assistants to help with course set up. We have deployed the Toro Sand Pro 2040 Z for raking bunkers,” explains Bromley. “We have been running these pieces of equipment for the past four weeks and I am very satisfied with their performance and the ability to execute the job correctly.

A key consideration in Bromley’s buying decision was also the aftermarket support from the supplier to be able to run the machines with no service-related downtime. “We have had a long working relationship with Smith Power Equipment and have always been well-supported with sound aftersales service,” says Bromley.

According to Bromley, the machines were also chosen for their quality build, which is easy and cost-effective to maintain by in-house mechanics. “They are also very easy to operate for my staff and give us the quality and good work which we expect from our machines.”

Hermanus Kubota & Toro Machines in detail

Equipped with a whole lot of advanced technologies for increased versatility required for the different market segments it is targeted for, the Kubota L45 TLB is a radical upgrade of its predecessor model. Its 3,2-tonne operating weight makes it a lot lighter than most offerings in the market, perfectly fitting the bill for landscapers. The L45 is powered by a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine which generates 45 hp, compared with the 39 hp on the previous L39 model. It comes with 1,6 t of breakout force, a lifting capacity of 1 t at a maximum lifting height of 2,8 m.

The real game changer on the L45 is the new Kubota HST Plus hydrostatic transmission which replaces the conventional Glide Shift transmission (GST) on the L39. HST Plus transmission allows for automated control over the HST pump and motor. Benefits include hydro dual speed (H-DS), which adds High and Low to the three ranges, effectively making it a six-range transmission.

The RM 5510 lawn mower is designed to deliver great performance synonymous with Toro. The 35,5 hp 5510 comes standard with larger 7-inch diameter cutting units for heavy mowing conditions where extra capacity is needed. Light weight is due to an optimised design and use of lightweight materials, translating into less weight and turf compaction without sacrificing performance and functionality.

Precision machined cutting units on the RM 5510 maintain levelness and hold adjustments. Dual Precision Adjustment allows quick bedknife to reel adjustment. Harder reel and bedknife steel retain a sharp edge up to three times longer to minimise the need and frequency of adjustments, backlapping and grinding, leading to healthier turf that stays green.

The Toro Flex 2120 walk greens mower continues the legacy of innovation and continuous improvement with its multi-disk wet clutch for easy operation, basket hanging changes for better grass collection, and the new EdgeSeries cutting units with new reel material, new reel geometries, and new manufacturing processes for enhanced reel to reel consistency and durability. The re-located grass basket improves grass collection, while maintaining 50/50 weight distribution on front and rear rollers.

The Toro Workman GTX is a grounds and turf crossover vehicle that boasts an unequalled combination of comfort, utility and control, making it simply superior to the competition. Increased power, improved steering and exclusive suspension and braking systems make the Workman GTX the most versatile, practical and comfortable utility vehicle in its class.

An automotive-grade rack and pinion steering system provides more control and lowers steering effort, when operating loaded or empty. This allows operators to focus on the task at hand and nothing else. The Workman GTX is adaptable for any task. Two or four-seat configurations come with bench or bucket seats. Front and rear attachment points for garbage cans, hose reels or walk spreaders free up the bed for more hauling capacity.

The Toro Sand Pro 2040 Z is a zero-turn infield groomer that delivers unmatched manoeuvrability and productivity. The Sand Pro 2040Z’s nail drag, paired with the unique flex tooth groomer, provides complete grooming in one pass. The zero-turn design allows it to turn on a dime, easily grooming around bases and obstacles. Driving the machine is virtually effortless with power steering via two independent control sticks.

The nail drag can scarify, loosen or weed before the flex groomer smoothens the surface. The nail pattern and depth can easily be adjusted to accommodate different infield moisture conditions. The Toro Sand Pro 2040 Z’s Flex Groomer has a reinforced steel centre section that acts as a blade when driving in reverse to push some dirt into small infield holes.

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