Bosch Hoek and Club Car

Bosch Hoek and Club Car as good as you get.

There is a lovely golf course that is situated in the KZN Midlands. Its fairways and greens are grass covered and rolling and are lovely beyond the singing of it (apologies Alan Paton). These belong to the Bosch Hoek Golf Club, one of South Africa’s hidden golfing gems.

Club Car Precedent i2
Club Car Precedent i2

All those attached to Bosch Hoek say it is “as good as you get” and anyone who has experienced its beauty, the hospitality of its staff and the warm, friendly and professional atmosphere of the club cannot but agree. In short, it’s a first class operation run by people who care!

It’s no wonder then that Club Car – also “as good as you get” – is their number one choice in golf carts! Recently Bosch Hoek took delivery of of 11 Club Car Precedent i2 carts bringing to 30 the number of Club Cars in their fleet.

Precedent i2 at Bosch Hoek

Club Car Precedent i2, probably the most advanced golf cart ever built, has set the global standard for style and performance. Powered by the Club Car electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine, arguably the most economical gasoline engine in the market or, if preferred – like Bosch Hoek – an electric motor, it offers the quietest, smoothest ride from tee to green.

From its 360° wrap-around bumper to its ergonomic seats the Precedent i2 provides comfort, stability and safety both on the undulating ground on the course and off it.

The attention to detail is outstanding,” says Bosch Hoek’s golf director Brad Ross. “With each detail taking the golfer into account from the Monson top, which channels the water away from the passengers to a spacious bag well and a newly designed interior with more storage space for personal items.

Modern Mowers and Club Car

Gregg Sonnenfeld, Modern Mower’s Club Car Division Manager, who did the deal with Bosch Hoek, says that one of the main advantages of the Club Car is that it has one of the lowest cost of ownerships in the industry.

With the E.R.I.C. (Efficient, Reliable, Intelligent and Connected) advanced battery charging system and the new Subaru EX40 EFI engine, which Club Car chose for its best-in-class power and reliability, Club Car now enjoys a 35% power boost while using 35% less fuel.  “The longer you own these machines, the greater the return on your investment,” says Sonnenfeld, “because their lower operational, maintenance and fuel costs accrue year after year, repaying your investment with long-term returns.”

“Low Cost of Ownership”

When asked why he has supports Club Car Ross said that it is one of the world’s best brands and that this has been proven over the years at Bosch Hoek. “The low cost of ownership and the overall efficiency of these machines are a major plus,” he says. “Also Gregg and Modern Mowers have given us an excellent service and competitive prices over time.

He added that another important point is that his intention is to install a GPS system in the future. “The Club Car Precedent i2’s excellent compatibility with this type of system is well-known,” he concluded.

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