Calmax thumbs-up for Kubota M130X … reports a fuel saving of more than R130 000 per annum

Well-known Hartswater dairy farm, Calmax Farming, has reported a fuel saving of more than R130 000 per annum since changing from a well-known tractor brand to the Kubota M130X. Calmax manager, Ulli Nauhaus says that the change would have been worth it for the fuel savings alone.

Dirk venter and Callie Wolhuter
Dirk venter and Callie Wolhuter

“This fuel efficiency is a real bonus but if you also take into account the added reliability of these tractors and the world class service we get from Danilou Agri, the overall package has been a huge advantage,” he says.

Danlou Agri are the Kubota Dealers in Hartswater representing Smith Power Equipment (SPE) the sole distributors of Kubota in South Africa

Danlou Agri’s Lisbe Louw says that the service routine with these tractors must work like clockwork. “Each of the M130Xs works a 12-hour shift and then the other one takes over for the next 12-hours. This is the pattern all year round and we have to ensure the absolute minimum downtime, which we do with the cooperation of Ulli and his team. We are successful because both parties do things strictly by the book – sticking strictly to service times and never using anything other than Kubota hydraulic oil and other Kubota parts and accessories,” Louw says.

The M130Xs are used to pull the feed mixers for the more than 3000 milking herd at Calmax.

In terms of the success of the Kubota tractors the proof is in the pudding Nauhaus says. “We are about to do the 2000-hour service on the first M130X and the 1000-hour service on the second.

One of the outstanding features of the Kubota M130X is the transmission, which incorporates a 4-speed conventional all-syncromesh gear set with a 2-speed range option and an optional creeper-gear set. The driver selects the ground speed using a normal gear lever but Kubota engineers have added a system of WET PLATE CLUTCHES to engage the output shafts to the wheels and PTO systems. This eliminates the normal DRY plate CLUTCH and allows for the tractor to function much more effectively.  This is ground-breaking engineering not found in other makes of tractor.

Another important reason for the reliability of the Kubota M130X is its Hydraulic System which, unlike most tractors, has the dual pumps mounted on the side of the gearbox together with dual screw-on filters. The gearbox casing holds over 50 litres of Kubota high-spec hydraulic oil, which also operates the steering system. All moving parts are instantly lubricated under pressure, which promotes exceptional longevity and an oil cooler constantly controls the hydraulic oil temperature.

There’s no doubt that Kubota is a highly advanced machine and whichever way one looks at it offers the best lifetime costs and value for any tractor that I have ever owned,” concludes Nauhaus.

Kubota M130X
Kubota M130X


  • ENGINE TYPE – Kubota V6108 Common Rail, Direct Injection
  • ENGINE NET POWER – 96.9 kW (130.0 HP)
  • PTO POWER – 84.3 kW (113.0 HP)
  • MAIN GEAR SHIFT – 8 Speeds Power Shift (w/Auto)
  • TRACTOR WEIGHT – 4390 Kg

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