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Go to the dictionary and look up the word ‘maverick’. You’ll see that it means, among other things, free-spirited, trendsetter, original. Well these words couldn’t be more appropriate when describing Leon Laing and the entire Maverick Motorsport team from Strand in the Western Cape.

Gun Storage
Gun Storage

To make the successful modifications that they have made to various Polaris Ranger Utility Vehicle (UTV) units in line with their customers’ requirements, one needs a ‘maverick’ spirit. “That’s always been our approach,” says Laing. “Whatever the customer needs, we’ll make a plan that is completely professionally executed.

Maverick up for challenge

Jacques Bester, a farmer from the Moorreesburg district, confirmed this wholeheartedly. “When I approached Leon from Maverick Motorsport with a relatively complex, multi-faceted conversion request their immediate answer was “no problem”. I had some lingering doubts but they were totally unfounded. The end result was more than I could ever have hoped for and the “new” machine has made a real difference to how I can manage the farm,” he says.

Fully Kitted Polaris Ranger 570 by Maverick Motorsport
Fully Kitted Polaris Ranger 570 by Maverick Motorsport

The following modifications were made:

  • Lockable gun box that doubles as a roof and shooting cushion
  • Centre-mounted gun holders for quick reaction
  • Height and width adjustable spray boom to spray fences and wheat crops. This is foldable and has break-away action in case of contact in tight spaces
  • Working and LED light for night work
  • Height-adjustable shooting bar
  • Extra seat to carry extra passengers and to carry workers around the farm

“Polaris takes utility to max”

The Polaris Ranger takes the meaning of ‘utility’ vehicle to the max. It’s now a pick up, spray rig and hunting unit,” Bester says and adds that, apart from the added convenience, the cost savings have been huge. “This machine now does what it would have taken three separate units to do and, being able to get into the wet crops, saves me on the expense of getting an aircraft to do it!

Tank on back on Polaris Ranger 570
Tank on back on Polaris Ranger 570
Tank on back of Ranger 570
Tank on back of Ranger 570

Another modification, this time on a Polaris Ranger EV (Electric Vehicle) was for a customer whose business it is to prevent Rhino poaching.

These modifications include:

  • Shooting cushion as a roof
  • Padded side rests
  • Blacked-out main lights to prevent reflection
  • Extra LED Spot lights – also covered
  • Working lights at the back – also covered
  • Shooting bar at the front, that is
  • Extra points for spot lights

E-Hunting with Polaris Ranger

Again, the customer – who cannot be named for security reasons – was over the moon. He said to Leon: “The ‘E- hunter’ is marvellous – this is really a professional job you have done and we appreciate it. This will help us enormously in the serious work of saving rhinos!

Leon Lang
Leon Laing

And there’s more! Maverick Motorsport equipped a Polaris Ranger used on a cheetah rehabilitation farm with a roof that doubles as a work platform, LED lights and a work light. Another was equipped with special bags for binoculars and books to be used during sightseeing trips. And yet another Ranger 570 working on a flower farm was kitted with a game conversion and, also, as a special favour to the customer, MM especially converted the customer’s own trailer to enable them to take more guests to view their Proteas.

It’s all about customer service,” says Polaris S.A. distributor, Smith Power Equipment’s Mark Chittenden. “It’s obvious that Maverick Mortorsports are giving their customers an extraordinary, proactive service that they can be proud of. It is so important to be a ’maverick’ and to do extra, creative things for one’s customers in these challenging economic times,” he concluded.

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