Giddy Up Linhai ATV!

So quiet and efficient are her Linhai ATV Rustler 260 quad bikes, iconic horsewoman, Michelle Mazurkiewicz, uses them side-by-side with the horses on her trails. “We have many situations where some members of a family want to go on our beautiful trails but for one reason or another do not want to do them on horseback. So instead of being left out they join the ride on a Linhai quad,” she says.

Linhai Rustler 260XL
Linhai Rustler 260XL

Michelle adds that the Linhai machines are perfectly suited for this activity. “They are easy to handle, they run quietly and are powerful enough to handle any terrain. Of course, our horses have got used to moving alongside these machines and we have never had any trouble,” she says.

But horses are generally comfortable around Michelle who is certainly one of this country’s greatest horsewomen. She is a qualified SANEF (now Equestrian Qualifications Authority of Southern Africa) and British Horse Society (BHS) instructor.

Expert in Horses and now Linhai

Her expertise covers most horse activities, including show jumping, eventing, endurance riding, horse racing, polocrosse, polo driving and film work.  “I have been involved with horses for the past 28 years and have run my own yard of over a 180 horses for the past 15 years,” she says.

Michelle also runs quad-only trails at the beautiful Rhebokskloof Wine Estate in Paarl to where she moved her business, Wine Valley Horse Trails, in 1998. “Our trails are typical of the Paarl Valley area. Spectacular views and a particularly pleasant micro-climate make them accessible to children and adults alike the whole year round.


She adds that what she likes about the Linhai is how they fit into this environment. “Some machines just don’t cut it in this sublime atmosphere but these Linhai’s, even though they are powerful, are somehow gentle and environmentally appropriate,” she says.

15 Units Strong

Michelle also praised Maverick Motorsport, Linhai dealer in the Western Cape, for their excellent customer service. “We recently bought our 15th machine which indicates our satisfaction with their performance and, of course, the excellent service that we get from Leon at Maverick. Machine quality without the service in times of need is not worth much,” she says.

No one is surprised when Maverick is complimented in this way – they have been the best Linhai and Polaris dealers in the country for the last 5 years in a row!

Best Selling ATV

The Linhai Rustler 260 XL 2×4 Quad Bike is one of Linhai’s best-sellers the world over. “This quad bike is the perfect entry level quad. Its light weight and automatic transmission makes it easy to use, a blast to ride, yet with the racks and hitch, still capable of helping out with the chores,” says SPE’s Mark Chittenden “It’s quite amazing what Michelle has done with her business and we hope to be able to be of service to her for many years to come,” he concluded.

Leon Lang
Leon Laing

Key features of the Linhai 260 2X4 Quad.

257 cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder SOHC, liquid cooled engine; Electric starter; High/Low range with reverse gear; 200kg tow capacity; 2015mm x 1140mm x 1195mm (LxWxH) dimensions; Dry weight 280kg.

Download the linhai brochure [Download].

This article was featured in the Dirt and Trail – July 2017.

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This article was featured in the Dirt and Trail – Jan 2017.

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