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Rand Water contractor Sinned says Kubota is like Heaven

On the ball and with a relentless work ethic, Sinned (pronounced Si-Ned) Construction owner Dennis Mukwebo, says that the Kubota U50 mini-excavator – distributed in South Africa by Smith Power Equipment – has been central to his success with Rand Water.

Working on Rand Water contracts is challenging. We dig trenches, do a lot of concrete work and install manholes and, for this work, we need power and, very importantly we often need to work in very confined spaces. The Kubota U50 is ideal for these requirements,” he says.

Working with Rand Water

He adds that the Kubota team is always willing to help when the need arises. ”Productivity is all-important in my business and downtime can be very expensive. I commend Kubota for going the extra mile to ensure that we operate to the maximum,” he says.

Kubota digging on both sides of the trenches
Kubota digging on both sides of the trenches

40 years’ involvement in the mini-excavator

The fact is that in its 40 years’ involvement in the mini-excavator industry Kubota has continuously set the standard with technological innovations that have rocked the industry.

The integration of the zero boom and tail swing was one such innovation. Others, which also helped create the future of compact construction machinery, included the pioneering, advanced features of Auto Idle, which helps save up to 10% fuel; a digital LCD panel and the Kubota Intelligent Control System (KICS), which help reduce downtime and save on repair and technician costs; and Kubota’s revolutionary “three-pump” hydraulic system, which uses three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation.

3.2M Deep Trenches

“Characteristics of being tough, reliable, efficient and easy”

Kubota mini excavators are used the world over in a variety of construction applications including agricultural jobs, road-building, municipal works, pipe-laying, landscaping, water conservation projects and more. “Our Kubota mini excavators’ characteristics of being tough, reliable, efficient and easy to operate and service, enable them to work in the toughest conditions and take on any challenge,” says Tom Bloom SPE General Manager construction equipment division.

Kubota U50

He adds that operators like Dennis Mukwebo are shining examples of how best to ensure these Kubota mini excavators are used to their optimum. “With traditional machines the type of jobs that Dennis undertakes are made significantly more difficult. The compactness and extraordinary power-to-size ratio of the U50 not only makes life easier but boosts the bottom line accordingly,” he says.

Mukwebo, 46, has been in the construction industry for more than twenty years having previously worked for a leading construction giant in Johannesburg. He has owned his own company for the last ten years and says that going on his own “was the best thing I have done”.

Digging next to the canel
Digging next to the canel

I would recommend anyone who is contemplating making the change to do so. Have the courage to live your dreams, be disciplined, know what you want and success will be yours. And deal with the pros, like Kubota, as looking always for the cheapest option will cost you in the end,” he concludes.

For more information please contact Smith Power Equipment on 011 284 2000 or email Charl Kemp charl@smithpower.co.za or Tom Bloom tom@smithpower.co.za 

This article was featured in the Construction World – May 2017.

This article was featured in the Capital Equipment News – May 2017.

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