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Compact Machine, Big Machine Power – Kubota KX080

Smith Power Equipment (SPE), distributors in South Africa of Kubota tractors and compact construction equipment, has announced the arrival of the Kubota KX080-3S Super Series 8-ton excavator, which is the ideal solution for jobs requiring extra power and performance in confined spaces.

The KX080-3S can do almost anything that larger, more conventional machines can do but it can achieve this level of industrial performance on small, space-restricted construction sites. This makes the KX080-3S a unique proposition for local contractors needing real power in the congested urban environment,” says Tom Bloom, SPE General Manager Construction Equipment division.

KX080 Front
KX080 Front View

In its more than 36 years’ involvement in the compact-excavator industry Kubota has continuously set the standard with technological innovations that rocked the industry. Initially, the integration of the zero boom and tail swing in the mini-excavators and now the ‘tight tail swing’ of the bigger KX080-3S are examples of such innovation. Other innovations, which also helped create the future of compact construction machinery, included the pioneering, advanced features of Auto Idle and Kubota’s revolutionary “3-pump” hydraulic system, both of which also feature in the KX080-3S.

KX080 dumping into a Loader
KX080 dumping into a Loader

Tight tail swing

Tight tail swing due the KX080-3S’s contoured tight tail design and shorter rear overhang, it is more stable, can handle a wider range of loads and can work in significantly more restricted space than traditional tail swing excavators.

Auto Idle

Auto Idle this system helps save up to 10% fuel. When the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine idles automatically. Move any control lever and the engine immediately engages. This innovative feature reduces noise, exhaust emissions and running costs.

3-Pump Hydraulic System

3-Pump hydraulic system this load-sensing hydraulic system uses three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation. The system’s high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps enable high performance shovelling and loading.

KX080 Back
KX080 Back View

There are also several other unique features which differentiate the Kubota KX080-3S excavator from its competitors. These include:

  • Stability – the KX080-3S combines smooth, harmonised, hydraulic system performance with optimum balance for optimum stability in a tight tail swing excavator.
  • Range – together with extended dumping height, a swing boom, large bucket capacity and deep digging capability, the KX080-3S can match or exceed the latest high capacity dumpers, tippers and construction site requirements.
  • Oil Flow Control – this unique function enables the operator to control the oil flow according to requirements at the time of operation including the requirements of the specific attachments in use.
  • Electric Fuel Refilling Pump – standard with the KX080-3S’s, this new pump includes a hose long enough to refuel in three minutes from a fuel tank at the push of a button.
  • Auto-Shift – when working with heavy loads, making turns or backfilling trenches the system automatically downshifts for more torque.
  • Boom Lowering Prevention – Kubota’s unique anti-drop valve prevents accidental lowering of boom.
Kubota KX080-3 Engine
Kubota KX080-3 Engine

The source of the KX080-3S’s energy and power is the clean-running 70-hp (52.2-kW) Kubota diesel engine. Its 3331-cc turbo direct-injection facility contributes to easy starting on cold mornings, low sound levels and energy-saving fuel economy. The engine complies with Tier IV emissions regulations without the loss of power or reduction in the ease of operation.

KX080 on a construction site
KX080 on a construction site

With respect to operator safety and comfort Kubota has always been ahead of the game and Bloom says that the company’s recognition that a safe and comfortable operator is not only an important ethical issue but that it is also vital to productivity, has made a real difference to the performance of its equipment. “The design of the operator environment on the KX080-3S is unsurpassed,” says Bloom.

Some of the important features of this environment in the KX080-3S include:

  • Wide and Comfortable Space – the cabin is spacious and offers excellent visibility minimising operator stress and fatigue.
  • Deluxe High-back Suspension Seat – for greater comfort and productivity
  • Easy-open front window – unlike many excavator windows, the front glass window opens with ease through a gas-assisted mechanism
  • Fully compliant ROPS and FOPS cabin.
  • Air conditioner and heater – this ensures great climate control and increased productivity. Fresh outside air can easily be introduced by activating the external air vent.

Bloom says that serviceability is a crucial aspect of any great machine and the KX080-3S’s triple-opening bonnet is one of its strongest features. “Maintaining this machine could not be easier,” he says.

Service Panels
Service Panels

All three of its access panels can open simultaneously.” This enables easy inspection and access to the hydraulic components under the centre hood or the battery, oil filter and tool box under the right hood. In terms of service generally, it is a truism that a machine is only as good as the backup service one gets and in this regard SPE has an enviable reputation. Its countrywide footprint of dealers and service facilities ensures that its customers get the best possible service 24/7.

We understand that in this market uptime is the primary concern of our customers. We have invested time and money in ensuring that our team understands that service excellence is the foundation on which our company stands and our track record throughout the organisation speaks for itself,” Bloom concluded.

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