We test the Polaris 1000 Turbo RZR.

Hold on Boysssss! We test the Polaris 1000 Turbo RZR. – Dirt and  Trail

Like… as if Polaris’ 800 was not fast enough, they introduced the fantastic RZR 900. Then – like as if THAT was not fast enough, they introduced the 1000. Then – like as if THAT was not fast enough, they changed the whole bloody thing and bolted on a turbo

Where does it end?

Seriously – if there is one company that we have to admire for their innovation, it has to be Polaris. They took a decision to focus on the RZR range and this has paid huge dividends. We remember a few years ago – the fastest side by side on the market was Yammi’s 660 Rhino with a blistering top speed of around 65kph. Then along came this little red number that absolutely broke the agricultural mould – The little RZR 800. That was a serious quantum leap forward for side by side fans – a nippy little machine with exciting acceleration and handling to match. But by the current model RZR’s standards, the 800 is basically old news… with no offence intended to 800 owners.

Polaris 1000 RZR Turbo

Polaris 1000 RZR Turbo

With the 900 and the 1000’s coming through, the machines got bigger and bigger and Polaris was able to load them with some pretty high end technology and components. For us, the RZR 900 was, and still is, simply amazing both in terms of performance and ride quality. The 1000 was faster, but we felt that overall, the 900 was a more desirable machine due to its fantastic all round performance and handling…

With the Turbo, Polaris has just re-affirmed that bigger is in fact better. By miles.

We took two of the Katay Racing Turbo’s out for a li’l spin on the dunes just South Of JHB. The Turbo’s, although accessorized were standard. Guys and gals we are not going to go in to all the technological details involved in a machine like this, but after driving them, we do understand just why Polaris enjoys such a large market share in the side by side industry.

As you would expect, the Turbo is certainly no slouch, bang your foot down and she hurls herself forward at a ridiculous rate of knots. A parallel twin delivers very smooth power and, we were quite impressed that there is no sign of turbo lag, just sublime, smooth acceleration all the way from the bottom. Top Speed by the way is just on the 140kph mark, but it’s how quickly this thing gets there that makes it noteworthy.

Katay Racing Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo
Katay Racing Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo

All of that power needs a few checks and balances to keep things safe and to this end, Polaris has fitted some of the best suspension and brakes available to the motor trade. In fact, they made 18 changes in all sorts over the previous 1000. One of the biggest improvements is the belt life – 60 hours on these ones so far and the ease of changing them should they give.

If you read our mag a lot – you’ll notice that we always praise this brand for their overall quality feel and ride delivery. The Fox multi adjustable long travel suspension is simply phenomenal. Here we go – and we hope we don’t pick up trouble – but better than on the previous 1000. No sign of body roll – and given the enormous power delivery, it offers and amazingly smooth ride.

But smoothness is one thing. In a vehicle like this you are looking for stability. We managed to get the previous model out of shape a few times. We tested the 1000 Turbo in the same area and in the same conditions and came away utterly impressed. Steep slopes, off camber, hard corners, ruts, bumps you name it, the turbo did not flinch or get out of shape for the duration of our fairly thorough test. It is an amazing machine. Everything from slow low range rock crawling to high speed mania was tackled with a smile – or was that a grimace? Hit 120kph, slam on brakes – with all that rolling mass she stops very quickly and precisely.

So – whats next?

Every time we do a feature on a machine like this, we ask what they can possibly do to make it better. Every time we drive a newer model, we realize that there are far smarter people than us who can answer that question. We can’t wait to see what’s next…
With competition hotting up from giants like Yamaha and the Canadian crowd Can-Am, we can only imagine what the future holds for the performance UTV world.

Fitted to the Katay RZR Turbo:

  • Four Point safety harnesses.
  • Gull Wing safety doors.
  • LED light bars.
  • Bull bars. Rock sliders.

These two courtesy of Katay Racing Phone (011) 475-4892.

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