Trouble-free Tractor 5500 hours on the clock!

Hartswater Pecan Nut farmer, Jens Teggethof, is passionate about what he does. He loves the outdoors, tractors, farming, life in general and is nuts about his fleet of Kubota‘s. “Their reliability and power to weight ratio makes them perfect for Pecan Nut farming,” he says.

Mr Tegethoff and Mr Venter with the Kubota M9540 Tractor

Actually when I started farming with my sister, she had a Kubota (ME9000), a make I’d never used before. It wasn’t long before its performance so impressed me that I bought another, and then another and … well today I have six Kubota’s one of which, the L5040 model, has clocked 5500 trouble-free hours,” says Teggethof.

He adds that he learnt some time ago not to purchase a tractor based on the selling price alone. “Many farmers fall into the trap of buying the cheapest and end up paying through their necks over the years. I have had other tractor brands and I can vouch that with the Kubota‘s, because of their fuel efficiency and reliability, the cost of owning them over time is the lowest I have known. This has saved me a lot of money even though the initial selling price might have been a little higher,” he says.

Mr Teggethoff with the M9540 Tractor with Loader

The main workhorse on Teggethof’s farm is the Kubota M9540 of which he has three. “The oldest of these has about 3500 hours on the clock and, again, we have had no problems whatsoever with it,” he says. “Also, it being a lightweight machine, we are able to use it without significant soil disturbance, which is especially important for our specific irrigation method.

The M9540 is one of Kubota’s best sellers. Re-engineered, restyled and powered by Kubota’s world renowned Tier III compliant, 4 cylinder E-CDIS (centre direct injection system) diesel engine, the lightweight, short-wheelbase M40 tractor appeals to a wide range of users like farmers, amenity professionals, contractors and others.

One of the more popular features on the M9540 is the PTO operation. The small operating lever is just under the steering column and is completely independent of the gear system. The separate multi disc wet clutch pack is unusually free of any snatching action due to the flow control of the operating pressure and the overrun braking system. This is an important feature when spraying or mowing.

In the field with the Kubota M9540

Teggethof’s latest acquisition is the newly-launched Kubota L45 TLB (tractor, loader, backhoe). Sporting the new Kubota HST Plus hydrostatic transmission and packed with power, the L45 is ideal for all sorts of varied tasks on a Pecan Nut farm. “I’m delighted with this machine,” says Teggethof. “It can be used for trenching, carrying, excavation and a host of other things. It is versatile and powerful and is especially useful when working around the trees as its manoeuvrability ensures no tree damage.

Danlou Team
Danlou Team

Finally, Teggethof paid tribute to the service he has received from Dirk Venter at Danlou Agri, the Kubota dealers in Hartswater. “He and the Kubota team are always prepared to go the extra mile and that’s like the cherry on the top,” he concludes.

Our Dealer that looks after MR Teggethof:

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