Kubota M9540 with Turf Tyres

Kubota and Trelleborg – a partnership that never tires

Steve Jobs said; “Great things in business are never accomplished alone, they are accomplished as a team.” Never truer a word could be said about the relationship between Kubota, one of the world’s leaders in tractors and other farming equipment, and global tyre giant Trelleborg.

Kubota M9540 High Clearance
Kubota M9540 High Clearance

This is especially so in South Africa,” says Louw Joubert Product Manager Trelleborg South Africa. ”We have worked with Kubota for at least 18 years now and we have seen the brand grow enormously under the management of Smith Power Equipment who are the distributors of Kubota in Southern Africa.

Joubert says that one of the reasons for Trelleborg’s success in the agricultural industry is its continuous investment in R&D in the sector. “We put a lot of effort into understanding the ongoing needs of farmers in terms of their tyres and we are, as a result, capable of making relevant products on a fit-for-purpose basis where necessary,” he says.

Good examples of this bespoke service are the wheel and tyre conversions that are done for tractor owners when they have specific requirements. Some of these conversions were on show at the Trelleborg stand at NAMPO 2016 and included the conversion of the standard 480 X 85 X 38 tyres on a Kubota M9540 used on a golf course to wider 850 X 50 X 30.5 tyres and the conversion – also on a Kubota M9540 – from the standard to the narrower 230 X 90 X 48 tyres for a vegetable farmer with very narrow rows.

Joubert explains that the adjustable rim for the wider tyres was imported from Sweden and the solid, narrower rim was made under his supervision here in South Africa.

Kubota M9540 with Turf Tyres
Kubota M9540 with Turf Tyres

The key to Trelleborg’s advanced technology is the unbeatable performance of its Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction™, the foundation of which being the innovative double-edged lug. “While the lug’s two anchorage points boost grip, its stronger base significantly reduces vibrations, wear and fuel consumption,” says Joubert. “Another important efficiency-producing feature is that the double-edged lug also enhances the inter-lug terraces of the tyre maximising its self-cleaning capability.”

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The bottom line is that during high torque operation the ProgressiveTraction™ technology performs better than our premium brand competitors and significantly better than the market average,” says Joubert. “The reduced working time per hectare results in lower emissions and improved premium cost efficiency.

He adds that the additional lug base surface reduces the sinking of the tyre in the soil and, also, the increased sidewall flexibility leads to the widest footprint in the market reducing soil compaction. “We achieve maximum flotation with our extra wide footprint,” says Joubert

Kubota South Africa’s Tallie Giessing says that the working relationship between Trelleborg and Kubota has not only been a pleasure but it has also been very beneficial for Kubota customers. “The performance of the tyres is a crucial element in the overall efficiency of the tractor and Trelleborg’s ability to respond to different operational environments is an important factor in lowering the total cost of ownership of Kubota tractors,” says Giessing.

With its recent acquisition of CGS and its Mitas brand, Trelleborg will almost double its sales in agricultural tyres, establishing itself as a global leader in the agricultural sector.  “CGS’s engineered polymer solutions strengthen Trelleborg’s existing leading positions in several of the Group’s current business areas,” says Peter Nilsson, President and CEO of Trelleborg.

It is true that good partnerships make for excellent business and we have no doubt that our partnership with an even stronger Trelleborg will also become stronger to the benefit of our customers,” Giessing concluded.

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