Leopard Rock - Polaris Ranger 800

Polaris Ranger: The only machine for this game.

When renowned game farmer Johan van der Merwe tells you that a Polaris Utility vehicle is the only vehicle that can do the job of chasing down a darted animal through the roughest of terrains in the quickest time, you had better believe him!

Johan, Wild Life Ranching South Africa’s Game Farmer of the Year in 2012, is not only one of the leading game farmers in the world, but was also, prior to becoming a full-time farmer, one of the leading road builders in the country. “Building roads and game farming have one important thing in common – the essential requirement to use of the right machinery for the job,” he says, “and in the game farming business there is absolutely nothing that can do the job like my Polaris Ranger Utility vehicles. Not even a military vehicle could do what these machines do for me and certainly not at the speed we require.

Speed, strength, reliability and power are all entry level requirements for the vehicles that do the “follow-up” job and, according to Johan, Polaris has all of these and more.

Leopard Rock - Polaris Ranger 800
Leopard Rock – Polaris Ranger 800

The first task is for the helicopter to find the animal that we want. Then after it is darted, it is imperative that the ground crew gets there on their Polaris machines as soon as possible to inject the animal with the right amount of tranquiliser antidote and get it ready for transfer. We’re always in a hurry as, apart from not wanting an animal to suffer unnecessarily, one has to realise that an animal can cost anything from R350,000 to R7 million and losing it is simply not in the equation,” Johan says.

Leopard Rock - Polaris
Leopard Rock – Polaris

That is why Johan says that speed is the essence over impossible terrain which is covered with rocks and very thick bush and undergrowth including the infamously tough sickle bush. “Take it from me, only these Polaris machines could do this job every day, month after month and last as long and as well as they do. We hammer them, abuse them – I’ve even transported a 450kg zebra on the back of my Polaris Ranger 800 through that bush – and they just continue to go without any trouble,” Johan says.

Phil Greenall - Polaris
Phil Greenall – Polaris

Owner of seven Polaris vehicles Johan says that it is obviously not just the machine that ensures such a good service but also the support from Smith Power Equipment and Eugene of Outdoor Motoring, the Polaris dealer in Witbank. “The best machines in the world need the backup of the dealers and in this regard we have had world class service,” Johan says.

Leopard Rock - Polaris Ranger 800
Leopard Rock – Polaris Ranger 800

Johan has a variety of game on his farm, Leopard Rock, just outside Gravelotte in Limpopo, including buffalo, rhino, golden wildebeest, king wildebeest, sable, black impala, saddled impala, Livingstone Eland – and more.

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Polaris is distributed in South Africa by Smith Power Equipment.

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