The Prince of deed – The Kubota RTV X900

It’s amazing how diverse the World of off-road vehicles, whether on two wheels or four, really is. One minute we were charging around some mealie fields in the fastest off-road experience on the planet, and the next we were making our way majestically around similar field at a stately 32km/h…..the top speed of the new Kubota 4×4 diesel utility vehicle.

For all that this 4 wheeler is just as high tech and purpose built as any terrain gobbling speedster. This one is for heavy duty use on the farm or construction site. It has the sturdiest chassis ever built into a side by side, and the simple reason is that this is a work horse. For an engine, Kubota offers its proven four-stroke diesel technology in the form of an 898cc three-cylinder diesel engine that is liquid cooled. In the RTV, this puts out up to 21 horsepower and buckets of torque.

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Polaris Ranger: The only machine for this game.

When renowned game farmer Johan van der Merwe tells you that a Polaris Utility vehicle is the only vehicle that can do the job of chasing down a darted animal through the roughest of terrains in the quickest time, you had better believe him!

Johan, Wild Life Ranching South Africa’s Game Farmer of the Year in 2012, is not only one of the leading game farmers in the world, but was also, prior to becoming a full-time farmer, one of the leading road builders in the country. “Building roads and game farming have one important thing in common – the essential requirement to use of the right machinery for the job,” he says, “and in the game farming business there is absolutely nothing that can do the job like my Polaris Ranger Utility vehicles. Not even a military vehicle could do what these machines do for me and certainly not at the speed we require.

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Kubota to be King in Queenstown

There’s quite a buzz in Queenstown with one of the first high-powered Kubota tractors ever to be sold there attracting much attention. “This is the start,” says new Kubota dealer Deon Coetzee of Farm Services. “Kubota has traditionally not been part of the scene in the Queenstown district, but things are about to change,” he says.

Queenstown Kubota
Queenstown Kubota Team

The tractor, a Kubota M8540, was bought by well-known local farmer Pieter Pieterse. “The reputation of these amazing tractors is spreading fast in this area and after owning one for a few months I know why. It is powerful, fuel efficient and has so many other outstanding features that are unique to Kubota that contribute to a very low total cost of ownership in the long term,” he says.

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