Maintain your Kipor generator for optimum ROI.

Smith Power Equipment (SPE), distributors of the well-known range of Kipor generators, says that one of the problems in the industry is that because of the intermittent nature of loadshedding owners are not servicing their generators properly.

Kipor Generators
Kipor Generators

This can have a serious effect on the longevity of the product,” says Tom Bloom, General Manager construction equipment division of SPE. “Even if you are only using your generator a few times a year, you should execute according to the prescribed maintenance plan in order to get the best return on your investment. We also find that unfortunately a generator is often out of sight and out of mind and when its needed there is often a problem due to lack of maintenance.” he says.

Tom Bloom - GM of Kubota Mini-Excavators
Tom Bloom – GM of Kipor South Africa

Firstly, part of the maintenance plan is to ensure that your generator is in the right location and the following should be taken into account:

  • Generators produce poisonous gases which need to be expelled outdoors, hence they should be installed outdoors, under a roof, or in a room with good ventilation.
  • A generator needs to have a good airflow to ensure it does not overheat, hence the roof should not be too low and the area should be well ventilated, making sure all asses are extracted.
  • To be able to get at the generator for maintenance purposes, it needs at least 1 meter on each side for easy access.
  • The generator should be positioned close to the distribution board to cut installation costs, with relation to cable costs.

Secondly, remember always that servicing and maintenance is not time consuming and expensive – on the contrary! They save you time and money significantly in the long run. Remember the following:

  • A generator like a motor vehicle needs to be serviced regularly to prolong its life. The first service should take place after 50 hours and at least once annually or every 250 hours. Please read the operators manual for service intervals or ask your local Kipor dealer for advice.
  • Only a qualified technician should perform services to ensure the integrity and life-span of your investment.
  • Before you purchase a generator, find out whether it comes with an effective warranty that will be honoured should you have a problem.
  • Also make sure that spares for your generator are readily available, and that the company has qualified technicians available to fit the respective parts.

All Kipor dealers countrywide are fully equipped to service your generators. Give us a call on 011 284 2000 to find your nearest generator service dealer in South Africa.

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