Kubota and KMS-Rinklin Pre-Pruner

Kubota Narrow-width tractors and pre-pruner a hit in vineyards

The KMS Rinklin pre-pruner working in conjunction with the Kubota M series narrow-width tractors have made a hit especially in the vineyard industry.

Christian Fersch of German Machine Services (GMS), distributors in South Africa of KMS Rinklin viticultural products, says the pre-pruner’s success reflects its brilliant, efficient design. “They are light but, at the same time, extremely sturdy. They are designed for a long life and, to achieve this, every moving part has a greasing point. Also, the cutting disks are made from a special material that will remain sharp for many years, which reduces the load on the motors and, in fact, the entire system,” says Fersch.

He adds that the disks are patented and come with a five-year warranty.

KMS-Rinklin Pre-Pruner
KMS-Rinklin Pre-Pruner

One of the most important features is that the special design of the pre-pruner prevents it from cutting the crossed wires that are integral to a vineyard structure and, due to the extremely sharp disks, the pre-pruner easily cuts through the thickest cordon.

Kubota M7040 Narrow in Action
Kubota M7040 Narrow in Action

Fersch says that safety is a prime feature in the pre-pruner’s design. “For example, in case the driver does not open the arms of the pre-pruner in time, which could lead to an impact with a pole, the machine has an accumulator (60 bar nitrogen), which is activated immediately on impact releasing the arms of the pre-pruner and preventing serious damage.

One of the key advantages of the pre-pruner is its simple and light design enabling even the smallest tractor to handle the unit. “The joystick is very easy to use and does not include electronic components, which makes it more robust and increases its longevity. Also, maintenance is reduced to a minimum, since all moving parts can be greased,” Fersch says.

Kubota and KMS-Rinklin Pre-Pruner
Kubota and KMS-Rinklin Pre-Pruner

The M series Kubota tractors are ideal partners for the pre-pruner as they are small and extremely efficient tractors and for this reason the KubotaKMS Rinklin pre-pruner partnership is becoming a major attraction in the vineyards of southern Africa.

You can email Chris Fersch [here].

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