Bryanston Country Club

TORO Still King at Bryanston Country Club

Bryanston Country Club (BCC) is not only one of the most beautiful and organised clubs in the country it is also one of the most successful. Today, while many golf courses are struggling because of diminishing rounds and the ever-increasing expenses required to run a golf course, BCC continues to prove it’s the exception.

Paul Leishman
Paul Leishman

Most agree that BCC’s manager, Paul Leishman (above), has a lot to do with it. When he arrived at BCC five years ago the club was making a minor loss. This year, his fifth year at the helm, the club will have made a profit of in excess of three million Rand before Capex.

I don’t think that golf club business management is all that difficult,” says Leishman. “It’s about the team analysing what is required and then just doing it! “It’s definitely about ‘team’ and building good relationships with the members, the committee, your fellow staff and of course, your suppliers and I believe we have done this successfully.

One of those important suppliers is Toro from Smith Power Equipment with whom Leishman has had a long and productive association. “Our relationship over the years has been outstanding. Their product is top notch and their service world class. But, more than this, we have developed a real partnership based on mutual trust and respect,” Leishman says.

He adds the triangular relationship between BCC, Toro and Rentworks, the finance house, has made a significant difference to the bottom line of the Club. “We rent all our equipment and in this way we know exactly what we are in for each year. We have a capital equipment renewal programme that we follow and the Toro team has been very supportive of this strategy,” he says.

Leishman is one of the most experienced golf club managers in the country. Twenty-three years ago, after Hotel School, he started working in the kitchen at Crown Mines Golf Club and when the manager left, and no replacement could be found after three months, they asked him if he would like to do the job … and that’s how it all began. From there he went to the World of Golf, then to Glendower where he remained the manager for ten and a half years before joining BCC.

Stephen Mangold
Stephen Mangold

Toro’s Steve Mangold (above) says that Paul Leishman is up there with the best. “He is not only an excellent general golf club manager but he is also understands turf management. He has a way of going about his job in a quiet, professional way and his results say it all,” concludes Mangold.

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