Silence is Golden

The amazing low-noise quality of the Kipor 20SS3 diesel generator has made it a hit for farmers throughout South Africa.

Silence is truly golden in most environments where generators are required,” says Smith Power Equipment’s (SPE) Power Products division GM Tom Bloom, “and the Kipor 20SS3’s sound attenuation canopy, which features a flame-proof, heat-resistant, rock wool sound insulation, provides truly remarkable noise retention,” he says.

The amazing low-noise quality of the Kipor 20SS3 diesel generator has made it a hit for farmers throughout South Africa.
The amazing low-noise quality of the Kipor 20SS3 diesel generator has made it a hit for farmers throughout South Africa.

In addition to its properties of silent operation, the Kipor 20SS3 has several more outstanding features including:

  • More Powerful Performance – exclusive Kipor technology provides greater starting capability for large loads such as central air conditioners while still running other appliances and electronics.
  • Automatic, Hands-off Operation – in the event of a power outage, the generator automatically restores power whether you’re there or not.
  • Safer Power for Sensitive Electronics – protects all of your valuable appliances and sophisticated electronics with cleaner, safer and stable power.
  • Easier Service and Installation – new easy-connection terminal block provides faster, more flexible installations while LED Display provides superior diagnostic capability.
  • Spillage Containment – generator base has the capacity to hold 110% of the fluids (fuel, lubricant and coolant) needed at any given time by the generator. This ensures the containment of any spillage.
  • Easily Transported – compact design enables unit to fit into the most confined spaces without affecting the performance of the unit.
  • Faster Response – restores power in as little as 15 seconds while many competitive products can leave you in the dark for 25 seconds or more during an outage.

Kipor is distributed in South Arica by SPE, which is renowned for its service and support excellence. “One of the key points in SPE’s superior service levels is its quest to continuously improve efficiency levels for its customers through increasingly more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions,” says Bloom.



This is done in various ways like technological innovation, matching the product to the customers’ specific application and more. One of the aims of this process is to expand our generators’ service levels, which would mitigate damage to the environment. This would mean servicing generators every 500 hours instead of every 250. Another aim is to preclude burning diesel unnecessarily through the wrong machine for the application thereby reducing not only life-time costs but also the company’s carbon footprint,” says Bloom.

Bloom adds that Kipor’s customers are learning quickly that there are many fly-by-nights in the generator market at the moment who are out for a “quick buck”. “These people often do not have the experience or the expertise to give the right advice and, most importantly, are not able to give the requisite backup service.

Check the company carefully. Is their product excellent, do they have an excellent service record, do they have the knowledge about your particular needs? If you can tick all these boxes – and of course you can with Smith and Kipor – then go ahead with your purchase even if it means paying a little more!” concludes Bloom.

For more information phone Smith on: 011 284 2000. Email Tom Bloom at tom@smithpower.co.za

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