Pretorius Plant Hire takes on Kubota Mini Excavators

December 2014

Pretorius Plant Hire takes on Kubota Mini Excavators

Well-known Bloemfontein plant hire company, Pretorius Plant Hire (PPH), is excited by the new Kubota mini-excavator range and has bought its first Kubota U50 which it is currently using on its own contracts. PPH, which was founded in 1993 has been a Kubota dealer since 2004.

Kubota is distributed in South Africa by Smith Power Equipment (SPE).

PPH’s Maryke Pretorius says that she is excited about the performance of the U50 and about the possibility of acquiring more of these machines for hiring out. “Over the years we have been more than satisfied with the Kubota product and with the service of SPE. We look forward to having the Kubota mini-excavator range in stock as we believe there will be a huge demand for these tough, powerful and reliable little machines that have a very wide range of applications,” says Pretorius.

The Kubota mini-excavator range, which was launched in South Africa only a few months ago, is already in huge demand. But this is not unusual. Its unique features of zero tail-swing and zero boom-swing have made them a hit the world over.


In the 1980s the developing mini excavator market revealed how important the zero boom-swing and zero tail-swing features of the mini excavator were in the changing dynamics of construction sites. In the 1990s Kubota took the lead by launching its world class mini excavator integrating both of these features for the global market.

Kubota’s Zero Boom-Swing – enables operation in very tight and confined spaces as the mini excavator can operate without having to move. Kubota’s Zero Tail-Swing -always keeps the tail of the mini excavator within track-width when swivelling, enabling operation in tight and confined spaces.

SPE’s Tom Bloom says he is delighted that long-time dealer PPH has ventured into the mini-excavator arena. “They are very professional operators and we look forward to their successes with this phenomenal product,” he says.

For more info on Kubota please call Smith Power Equipment on 011 284 2000

This article was featured in the Capital Equipment News – April 2015.

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