Kipor Generators for TF Design


Kipor Generators for TF Design

TF Design has ordered two KDE 12STA, which are to be used to supply power to equipment in mobile medical units that operate in remote rural areas.

Ivan Marais TF Design project engineer says that the KIPOR generators were chosen because of the good service provided by Smith Power Equipment (SPE) and the positive experience of generators that were very similar to the two Kipor KDE 12STA generators he purchased.

He added that the power-to-size ratio of the units were an important consideration. “We do not have much space on these mobile medical units and the physical size of the equipment, including the generators, is always an important consideration,” he said.

The KIPOR KDE 12STA is quieter, cleaner and safer than most generators in its class, meeting or exceeding all relevant standards for noise and emission standards. Compact and robust the KDE 12STA’s resilient structure and thicker paint treatments ensure unit longevity and durability.

KIPOR is well-known for its innovative designs and the KDE 12STA is no different. Its compact design makes it easy to fit into tight spaces and still provide optimum performance. This was one of the most telling features in TF Design’s decision to purchase it.

Also, the control panel is simple and easy to operate and built-in monitoring of the unit’s performance provides a high level of information of the operational status of the generator.

Last but certainly not least, large service doors provide easy access for maintenance and service.

All in all this is a machine we look forward to working with. Its size and reliability are crucial for our medical use,” he concluded.

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