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Dirt & Trail RZR XP 1000 Review

Razor Sharp

Two Months or so back, we Brought you a scoop feature on the New Polaris RZR 1000. At the time they were being uncrated and shipped to dealers and race teams for the 2014 season. Naturally we have been itching to drive one and it’s taken a while. Katay Racing has fitted plenty of Genuine Polaris accessories to this one; they let us take it for a spin…

RZR 1000

Polaris has avery catchy motto for their Ranger lineup: Smoothest riding. Hardest Working. For the RZR’s the official Logo is Razor Sharp. If the shoe fits…. You bet it fits. We are constantly amazed at how this manufacturers offering just to improve all the time. It is obvious to us that Polaris sends Zillions of US dollars on R&D because – man-o-man, they are on the cutting edge of Side by side and ATV technology.

This might sound long winded, but take any of their latest offerings for a spin and we guarantee that you will be as impressed as we are… Just when we thought that they had reached a pinnacle with RZR900s, they introduce a fully re-vamped 1000cc fire snorting machine.

The Bones

This was not simply a case of slotting a bigger engine into an already impressive package… they have  paid special attention to re-vamped suspension, ergonomics and overall design. Even though the motor of the new 1000 is more powerful and has a longer stroke than that of the 900, that’s not the real story.

The Chassis is much beefier and more advanced, taking its inspiration directly from Trophy Trucks. The trailing-arm rear end has Walker Evans shocks that deliver 18 inches of travel. Up front, there’s 16 inch of travel from 2-inch Walker Evans shocks. Power steering is standard equipment. The cabs layout is spacious and comfortable, bucket seats hold you in place and this one had four point harnesses fitted, which we were really grateful for…


The Test:

We waited for a day when it was not raining and headed straight for the Maraisburg dunes – near the Durban Deep mining town outside Jozi. It was amusing seeing the envious glances from the old codgers who were zooting around the golf course in their club cars. A few of them sidled over to ask what the heck you do with the beasty’s that we had. Guys and girls  – it was one of those perfect, made to order riding days. The ground was damp but not wet, so there was no dust to speak of.

The only serious water that we encountered was the sewerage overflow from nearby Soweto, but once we were through that – it was just sheer fun as we put the new machine through its paces. We aren’s going to bore you – but we will say that this is certainly one of the most impressive machines that we have ever driven. Sure, your immediate thought would be that anything with a 1000cc engine can only be good fun, and you’d be quite right, but there are other contributing factors too.

RZR 1000
RZR 1000


This has to be one of the most refined off-raod machines that we have ever tested – it simply turns badly rutted trails into soft smooth roads. Smoothest riding? No question. We were constantly amazed, whether we were pounding up the side of a dune, or ramping the thing – or taking what should be big hits on Landings, the RZR1000 is – well – amazing. Anyone who has driven a traditional side by side knows how you can be jolted around… no such thing in this one no matter how fast you go. With all the rain, we hit a few unexpected water gulleys as about Mach 4… had we been on dirtbikes or conventional quads we can guarantee a few face plants, but the big 1000 kinda shrugged them off.

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